Solar Cooker Exhibition

For DEF CON 30, Toxic BBQ is hosting an exhibition showcasing hacker-made solar and alternative fuel cookers

The Humans of Vegas invite wily hackers to impress us with their engineering talent. Join us under nature's heat lamp to cook, heat, and sizzle delectable delights. You choose the food, the fuel, and the extent you want to go to impress strangers.

Exhibition Judges will consider style, speed, consistency, and pizazz. Turn the Vegas sun into your ally for once. Take the cake with your Pentium Peltier Platten. Power your creations by sun, fresnel lens, heat-sink, capacitor, arcing current, cigarette lighters, and other less-than-standard means. Be safe; consider safety if using open flames; don't burn down DEF CON.

Demonstrate your creation at Toxic BBQ on Thursday afternoon. Register your team for swag and ETERNAL GLORY. Reach out to us on Twitter or the Forums for questions and clarification.

Exhibition Rules:

- Exhibition will take place on Thursday, Aug 11th, 1PM to 10PM, at Toxic BBQ, Sunset Park, Pavilion F
- Cook or Reheat food using a device built with your own hands. Working machines will be given extra consideration. Partially completed machines also welcome.
- Register your team in advance, or at the BBQ.
- Cooking must be accomplished without commercial heat sources (e.g.: applying stickers to a hot plate doesn't count as modification, though we will admire your stickers).
- While we have power on-site, the breakers have been popped very easily in the past Be mindful of fuses.
- For your safety and our liability, please do not eat the exhibits unless you’re absolutely sure of its safety. Probe and IR Thermometers will be available to test temperature. Also consider the safety of non-standard cooking surfaces and fuels before consuming the exhibits.
- Prize categories are yet to be determined. All participants will receive something fun. If obtained, we expect you to wear “Best in Show” wreath we stole from American Pharoah for the rest of the weekend.

Note: Since originally conceived, the venue had to change due to conference center rules restricting outside consumables. Instead of holding it during high noon at the Forum Plaza, we’re going to try some things at the BBQ itself. Thanks for your understanding and participation! Let's see what we can accomplish!

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