Aftermath - Toxic BBQ at DEF CON 29

 Stats for DEF CON C&E:

  • 300 hackers
  • 1 park denizen on a razor scooter
  • 1 roadrunner
  • 116 degree heat
  • 200 burgers and dogs
Thus concludes Toxic BBQ's 15th year and 5th with DY and the_bozo at the helm. A lightning bolt, a klaxon, a true set of shockwaves, and the hacker world was riven in two! Our beloved crank-to-lift grill was replaced this year by the Clark County Parks Department. Though less squeaky, the one was still serviceable and a little larger. The grill was staffed by three crews that rotated through over the 6 hours to feed the horde of over 300 hackers. As in previous years, each received a commemorative bit of swag for their service.  This year, it was the Cheeseburger Patrol Patch. As many of the typical crew could not attend, it was great to see a new crop of volunteers step up to fill their capable shoes.

Food safety improved by adding 4 meat thermometers to the kit, and all burgers, chicken and sausages were properly temped before coming off the grill. We also added foot-operated hand-washing stations and touchless hand sanitizer sprays in an attempt to minimize contact-born illness. We also improved the water-delivery mechanisms that fed the excellent misting system gifted to us two years ago.

Swag took a step up by offering typical pins with this year's logo and stickers of the legendary HackBus. Special contributions were recognized with shirts and coaster sets I burned myself with a brand.  Expect these to show up in the future as well.



Shenanigans were socially distanced but numerous.  Of note, we had a ring of between 75 people playing the badge game, though only a few registered that number. DY released a 15 year retrospective zine that you can print at home.

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