Toxic BBQ at DEF CON 32

15:00- 21:00 August 8, Thursday 
Sunset Park, Foxtail Pavilion
The humans of Vegas invite you to this year’s unofficial welcome party. Join us off-Strip in the shade of Sunset Park for a heat-blasted hangout. Burgers, dogs, and meatless options are provided. Attendees pitch in to make everything else happen.

Contribute more food and drinks, staff the grill, join supply runs, or donate cash to help cover costs. Relax under the trees and converse with new and old friends. Be a part of what makes this cookout something to remember year after year.

Grab flyers from an Info Booth, and watch for #ToxicBBQ for the latest news. First time? Check out How Does this Work? If you want to volunteer for Toxic BBQ in any capacity, check out this Google Form

Important Times:
1PM - Supply Run departs from main Info Booth
3PM - The beacons fires are lit, Gondor Toxic calls for aid burgers!
9PM - Clean-up starts
10PM - We have vacated the park

In addition to the grill, Toxic is a gathering place for hackers looking to plan the rest of their weekend. Start your carnival off right with these side-shows:
  • Peppercon will be there with bell(-pepper)s on!
  • Homebrew Exhibition Bring your finest bitters, ciders, wine, and assorted preparations for a fermented face off.
  • Ham Radio Exhibition: Live demos from the Ham Radio Village volunteers
  • Weird Jerky: You can buy anything in Vegas, like dehydrated meat of questionable taste and origin. Spin the Wheel. Will it be ostrich, earthworm, or something even better?
  • Open Grill: Bring your favorite and most exotic cuts, then grill it just how you like on our expanded grill space.
Watch #ToxicBBQ on Twitter, Bluesky, and
Or come back here for the latest news

To help with planning the next Toxic BBQ, reach out to us! 
On Reddit: /u/DuncanYoudaho
On Twitter, Bluesky, and @DuncanYoudaho
On the DEF CON Forums: Tangential

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