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2024 T-Shirt Sale - Ends July 21st!

Buy a shirt or donate directly to Toxic BBQ! Once again, we need your help to feed 800 hungry-hungry hackers. Join the pre-cookout fundraiser, and get a shirt with this year’s ENGAGE logo that was too hot for Print On Demand! Your purchase or donation helps cover venue, food, and equipment costs. All excess goes to the EFF. Purchasing a shirt through this fundraiser will help us cover the costs of the barbecue and cover your body from the harsh desert sun. Both of these things will ensure that everyone has a great time. The fundraiser runs UNTIL JULY 21ST to make sure our local provider has them ready in time for the con. Pick up is only available at the BBQ. A shirt isn’t the only way to support Toxic BBQ. Here are some ways you can get involved: Donate: Every little bit helps! You can purchase food during the Supply Run or donate at the event. Volunteer: teams of volunteers help with setup, cleanup, and staffing the grill to ensure the event runs smoothly. If you’re interested in as