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Washed Away - Toxic BBQ at DEF CON 30

For the first time in a long while, Toxic BBQ was interrupted by rain.  Thankfully, the skies waited to fall until 9PM, but that made our egress even more difficult than normal. With the help of many soaked hackers, we got the pavilion clean and clear, and everyone back to their hotels. In a first, we did a pretty good job of collecting volunteer information! If we missed you, and you'd like to help organize next year, please reach out on the socials to get in on this. Thanks for helping us make it happen, year after year.  Feels like home. - DuncanYoudaho and the_bozo Innovations: -  Assorted grilled veggies and engineered meat - Countless mouths burned once again thanks to Peppercon - An assortment of strange jerky -  A whole-ass pork butt Stats: 800 Hackers fed  600 Burgers and dogs 10lbs pulled pork 98 degrees 1 Biblical Flood Pics:

Toxic BBQ at DEF CON 30

  Toxic BBQ Unofficial DEF CON Kick-off Cookout 16:00- 22:00 Thursday   Sunset Park Pavilion F ( 36.0636, -115.1178 ) The humans of Vegas invite you to the latest inCARNEtion of DEF CON's unofficial welcome party. Hacker Homecoming is happening at DEF CON 30, and Toxic BBQ will be there will bell(pepper)s on (the grill).  Meet your internet friends AFK just like you did in the Before Time. Burgers and dogs are provided; BYO-everything-else (more food, drinks, labor, rides, and donations). Important Times: 1PM - Supply Run Volunteers depart from main Info Booth 3PM - Fires are lit 4PM - IT BEGINS 9:30PM - Clean-up 10PM - Park Closes First time? Check out How Does this Work? Planned Events: Peppercon Homebrew Competition  Bring your finest bitters or ciders and face off against fellow hackers Local Brew Share  Have a favorite local brew? We've saved a place of honor for them at the table Weird Jerky Tasting , Engineered Meat Tasting , and whatever you decide to cook up for u