"How does this work?"

Every year we get this question, and the answer is the same year after year: You make Toxic BBQ happen.

If you want to volunteer for Toxic BBQ, the easiest way to stay in touch is to submit this Google Form

Toxic BBQ is an entirely volunteer event run by hackers just like you. The organizers are a small team that fronts the money for the venue, swag, and BBQ essentials. There will be buckets for donation on-site. Dropping some scratch into the bucket covers food, equipment, and storage costs year after year. Easy-peasy.

If you desire a more hands-on approach, the cookout doesn't happen without hard work.  Here are ways you can contribute to the barbecue bodily:

  • Supply Run - Buying supplies helps stock the larder. Kill time after LineCon by schlepping meat in the heat. Meet under (place to be determined once the floorplan at the West LVCC is released) at 1PM and join the collective Costco run.  You help us pick and pay for a portion of the shopping list, and we transport it back to the park. Have a corporate crew fresh out of Black Hat?  Bring your per diem and feed 40 for the price of 4. Supply Run crew gets an early start, and some swag to boot.
  • Setup - It's hard work lighting up Toxic. Meet under the big video wall at 1PM and head directly to the park. Set up misters, clean up the tables, and light the fires. Get an early start on your Toxic BBQ adventure by trading your labor for dibs on grilled treats and swag.
  • Grill - Staffing the Grill makes the BBQ happen, literally. Grab your friends or come alone. We train teams on site and have all the tools. We keep you hydrated and flipping out for about an hour, and walk away with more coveted swag.
  • Exodus - Keep us in the good graces of the Parks Department. Starting at 9PM, help clean up to get each and every hacker out of the park and back to their lodgings. The park police kick us out at 10PM, so we get started early. We practice Leave no Trace; leave the pavilion better than we found it; you leave with more swag.

There are even more indirect ways to make Toxic BBQ the best kick-off party year after year. Over 800 people came to the park last year! Share your rental or taxi while making new BFFs. When need arises, there will be calls for M0aR!!1! Sometimes, destiny calls, and it want's more ice. Step up when we need you, and help us respond to the unpredictable nature of feeding the masses. Here is a list of the most common items we need in bulk if you need inspiration:

  • Ice (Block and Cubed)
  • Bottled Water
  • Drinks
  • Sides
  • Fresh Fruits and Veggies
  • Meat other than Hot Dogs/Burgers
  • Vegetarian food and meat alternatives
Do you have Mad Skillz? We are always looking to add special attractions to the BBQ. Bring your favorite dish, throw a keg of your homebrew into the car, jerry-rig a solar cooker, or set up a Ham Radio demonstration. Anything that keeps the conversation moving is appreciated. Contact us to coordinate if you have specific needs like power.

Still confused? Watch for flyers, the sign-bearer during LineCon, and keep a watch on social media for day-of announcements. Have a specific question? Ask! We won't bite unless you are first roasted on an open flame for 10-15 minutes and have reached an internal temp of at least 155F.

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