Do you have what it takes to brew for the best hackers in the world?

For longer than anyone can remember, hackers have been bringing homebrew to Toxic BBQ. Join Brew Captain tinribs and sample fellow hackers' finest fermented drams. Come talk shop in the shade, and learn what your fellow bio-curious bottlers have been up to.
All concoctions, libations, and mixtures are welcome.

We have sampled single bottle samples of last year's dregs all the way to multi-keg setups. The important part is experimenting with any combination of sugar and yeast. Electronics and control systems and fancy dispensers with scavenged parts are particularly impressive. Wine, mead, and even teetotalling root and ginger beer has appeared, so get creative! Impressive infusions, liqueurs and cocktail/mocktail mixology are also welcome.

Every year, we hand out awards to participants. Impress us for a chance at swag and ETERNAL GLORY.

Flying? Tips for Bringing Booze on a Plane

If you're flying to the con and wish to participate but are unsure of the logistics of flying with booze, here are a few tips from a seasoned fermented flyer:
  • Check a bag with your homebrew unless it fits under the TSA one ounce rule.
  • Your bag will likely be dropped a few feet when being loaded/unloaded. Bottles should be in the middle of your checked bag surrounded by as much padding as possible. The internet tells of shrink-wrapping padded bottles to prevent soaked laundry. Individually wrapping each bottle in bubble wrap helps a lot, and, if done right, you should have no problem.
  • As long as you stay under weight limits, pressurized kegs are OK. Don’t pack CO2 canisters – they will be confiscated. If you want to bring a keg and you need a tap or CO2, reach out to us and we’ll help with local procurement.
Note: While Toxic BBQ is not a sober event, we make sure soft drinks and water are always available. Homebrew does not require alcohol. We encourage Friends of Bill W to reach out if you need help or want us to set up a dedicated space and competition for you and yours.

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